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Customized Resource Library and Tool Kits for Your Team

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Enhance your employer brand

We’ll create multimedia content that redefines who you are as a company from an equity lens, and gives your team a sense of belonging in an organization that cares.

Communicate your company values with creative branded content

We create compelling DEI mission statements, blog posts, eBooks, infographics, presentation decks, and other content that can be packaged into a resource center for your employees.

Your branded content should be a reflection of your DEI strategies.
With a customized resource center and digital tool kit, your team will be aligned on the following topics:
  • Your company’s DEI mission
  • Inclusive recruiting strategies
  • How to be a better ally in the workplace
  • Diverse talent management 
  • Inclusive language principles
  • Mentorship and sponsorship 
  • Career pathing at your company

Your resource guides and tool kit will be unique to your company, so topics may vary.

Keep employers engaged while attracting top talent

When equity is a key component of your employer brand, you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors. We make sure that message is communicated internally and externally – loud and clear. 

DEI Employer Content projects take 3-6 months on average.
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Why Perfeqta?

“As an ERG lead, it was vital to partner with a BIPOC led company that could relate but also present content in a tangible, engaging manner.”

Rod Hawkins, ERG Lead at Airtable

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Talent Acquisition Optimization & DEI Roadmapping


We deployed a culture engagement survey to the entire organization and conducted an equity audit to get a better understanding of their gaps in DEI.

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