Building high-performing teams and putting equity back into talent.

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Transforming organizations into safe and equitable workplaces that attract and retain the best talent in the world.

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Recruit, retain, and advance fast-growing teams with ease

We eliminate the stress that comes with recruitment planning, DEI roadmapping, and employee development strategies that create a healthy work environment and transform company cultures people love to work in.

Company Training

Timeline depends on the type of training

We develop and facilitate individual or series-based programming to empower and educate your team on allyship, anti-bias and inclusion, leadership best practices, and career development.

Talent Acquisition Optimization

3-6 months

We create company-value-based recruitment strategies that focus on making your hiring process more inclusive and removing bias to ensure hiring managers are equipped to hire for value alignment over culture fit.

DEI Roadmapping, Strategic Consulting, and Equity Audit

9-24 months 

We establish or revamp your DEI strategies to identify priorities and meaningful actions related to equity, inclusion, belonging, and intersectionality, while mapping out actionable solutions.

Career Coaching at Scale

Month-to-month or 3-month programs

We provide Certified Career Coaches at scale for your organization to invest in your employees’ development needs. Coaching sessions are customized to meet individual performance needs to boost accelerated career growth, increase confidence, and build leadership skills.

DEI Employer Content 

3-6 months

We create compelling DEI mission statements, blog posts, eBooks, infographics, presentation decks, and other content that can be packaged into a resource center for your employees.

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Building the Foundation of a Best-In-Class ERG

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This resource guide will provide ERG leaders with a strategic approach to building an ERG that empowers talent and champions equity and inclusion.

Here's what our clients are saying

“The team was so impressed with the sessions, your delivery, and the outcomes we took away. I look forward to a long-lasting partnership with you and am so excited to see what we will do together for Phreesia!”

Associate Director of HR Operations

“The training felt comfortable and safe for the team and I think we've made meaningful progress in creating a safe environment to have tough conversations. We could not have done this without Perfeqta.”

Talent Director

“I worked with their team on building a Diversity Internship Program for our company. It was a great way to support minorities in getting work experience combined with mentorship so they could find their dream jobs out in the world. The experience of building this together was really seamless and efficient.”

Head of People Operations

"My career coach is my sounding board for business strategies, my advocate for career development, and is always ready with advice and strategies for personal growth. She is unafraid to call me out when I am wrong, point out where I could do better, and cheer on my successes."

Senior Manager of Customer Success

Case Studies

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Company Training

NerdWallet’s journey to developing best-in-class ERGs

Company Training

Building an inclusive recruitment playbook with Reliance Standard Life Insurance

Company Training

How Phreesia built an ERG that champions equity and inclusion

Certified as a Historically Underutilized Business

The North Carolina Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses was established to promote the economic opportunities for historically underutilized businesses in State Government contracting and procurement.

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Prepare your company for a future of work that is diverse, inclusive, and people-first.

About Us

We're committed to making your company a safe and equitable workplace for new, current, and future talent.

We work with high-growth, mission-driven companies to boost employee engagement in a virtual environment, and create inclusive recruitment practices that improve the quality of your candidate pool.

We also train, empower, and educate your team on allyship, anti-bias and inclusion, leadership best practices, and career development.

And we do it well because we practice what we teach.

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