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Recruit diverse talent, retain high-performing teams, and foster an inclusive work environment

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We eliminate the stress that comes with recruiting top talent, developing strategic DEI initiatives, and establishing inclusive employee development policies and practices that create an equitable work environment.

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Our strategies and curriculum are tailored to your organization’s current state

Perfeqta’s trusted practitioners specialize in strategizing and implementing DEI and talent development policies. Our methodologies, curriculum, and data-driven frameworks have equipped us to be your long-term partner.


Talent Acquisition Optimization

We work with you to create inclusive recruitment strategies that help hiring teams reduce bias, attract diverse talent, and make sure the process is standardized for all candidates.


Company Training

Our series-based programming educates your employees on allyship, anti-bias and inclusion, leadership best practices, and career development so all team members are prepared to engage in transformative conversations.


DEI Roadmapping

Our DEI Framework provides you with a strategic roadmap that helps build an inclusive and equitable work culture while boosting employee engagement and performance.


Employer Branding & DEI Content

Make DEI a key component of your employer brand, educate team members on how to build an inclusive workplace, and feel confident when communicating with your employees in a time of crisis.


Career Coaching

Our Certified Career Coaches provide 1:1 support to employees at all levels. They’ll help your team members identify areas of improvement while setting actionable goals to scale impact in their role.

Here's what our clients are saying

“They did all the heavy lifting but made sure to add in checkpoints so that I was comfortable and looped in on the entire process. Most importantly, when it was time to roll out the framework to the greater team, they were personable and made the training feel more like a discussion amongst equals. Every deliverable presented by their team has been uniquely crafted for us.”

Chief of Staff

“Their team did an amazing job taking topics that can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar to many and positioning them in a practical and simple framework that empowers us to speak confidently and directly towards our career path and goals.”

ERG Lead

“The training felt comfortable and safe for the team and I think we've made meaningful progress in creating a safe environment to have tough conversations. We could not have done this without Perfeqta.”

Talent Director

Create a culture of belonging, learning, and inclusion

Learn more about how Perfeqta can help you create a diverse workplace that attracts and retains high-performing talent.

Certified as a Historically Underutilized Business

The North Carolina Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses was established to promote the economic opportunities for historically underutilized businesses in State Government contracting and procurement.

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Prepare your company for a future of work that is diverse, inclusive, and people-first.

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We’re committed to making your company a safe and equitable place for new, current, and future talent.

And we do it well because we practice what we teach.

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