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Boost employee engagement, performance,
and career confidence

Employees perform best when they feel valued, supported, and have a career plan in place. Perfeqta’s Certified Career Coaches work with employees at all levels to create a strategy that helps them scale impact in their role and at your organization.

The Perfeqta Coach Circle is here to help accelerate career growth

We recognize that employees are looking for professional development opportunities and personalized mentorship programs. Whether your team member is an early career professional or in an executive position, our Career Coaches take an in-depth look at each person's goals and work with them to customize a career strategy that helps them advance within your company.

We offer coaching at scale for teams and 1:1 coaching for individuals. 

Standard coaching

Our standard coaching sessions for employees guide them toward career confidence and professional development.

Here’s what we cover in our Standard Coaching sessions:
  • Managing up and building executive presence
  • Career SWOT analysis
  • Stress management
  • Self-advocacy
  • Leadership style analysis
  • Career roadmapping
  • Identifying allies, mentors, and sponsors
  • Personal brand development
  • And other topics related to your employees’ individual needs

Executive coaching

Our executive coaching sessions for senior leaders provide them with a clear roadmap on how to promote a supportive and equitable work environment.

Here’s what we cover in our Executive Coaching sessions:
  • Managing and leading teams effectively
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Being better allies and sponsors in the workplace
  • Driving organizational change
  • Improving time management and creating schedules
  • Navigating C-Suite
  • Building and developing high-performing teams
  • Company strategic visioning
  • And other topics related to your employees’ individual needs

1:1 Career Coaching for Individuals

If you’d like to get matched with a Career Coach yourself, get in touch with our team to secure your session. This is a great opportunity to talk about how to negotiate a raise, prepare for upcoming interviews, and upskill to work towards a promotion. 

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Partnering with Perfeqta’s Career Coaches can yield the following results:

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  • Increased engagement and connection between teams.
  • Increased performance management skills to leverage the talents of others.
  • Enhanced development of overall emotional intelligence, allowing team members to maximize their leadership capacity.
  • Clearer communication, effective decision-making, and enhanced self-awareness so team members are more productive and forward-thinking.

Career Coaching sessions are month-to-month or 3-month programs. You also receive career coaching handouts and assignments that you can leverage after your coaching term ends.

The Perfeqta Coach CircleMeet our Career Coaches

Our coaches have 40+ years of combined experience coaching professionals of all levels. They are certified in DiSC assessment and Myers Briggs, and have experience facilitating workshops on career roadmapping, driving organizational change, and developing high-performing teams.

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