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Cohort-Based Curriculum, Keynotes, On-Demand Training and Live Interactive Workshops

A company training meeting.

Create a learning culture that boosts company performance

We’ll engage in a transformative dialogue on allyship, anti-bias and inclusion, leadership best practices, and career development.

Empower your team, build confidence,
and maintain open communication

Our training, workshops, and keynotes open your team to new perspectives and give them the confidence to speak up. We create customized curriculum and facilitate workshops for employees at every level – from high executive focused training to early career to build cultural competence and invest in your employees’ development.

Your team will engage in a transformative experience of self-examination and move from awareness to action. We will create space to listen to each other, express thoughts and feelings, and build connections in service of your company’s DEI goals, allyship efforts, and employees’ professional development.

Workshops include:
  • Understanding DEI
  • Authentic Allyship
  • Anti-Bias & Inclusion
  • Inclusive Hiring & Interviewing
  • Career Planning and Mapping
  • Leveling Up In Your Career
  • And other custom workshops

The average timeline of company training sessions depends on the topic and your team size. 
Why Perfeqta?

“Empowering and inspirational. They have made a direct impact on women’s professional development and confidence. Within the first 10 minutes of the sessions, you can see and feel the positive vibe and energy arise from the participants. It is simply transformative! Women of all ages and career levels can benefit from the organized and thoughtful approach to gain a strategic and holistic approach to their career.”

Kristina, Women’s Initiative Network Chair at SAP

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Talent Acquisition Optimization & DEI Roadmapping


We deployed a culture engagement survey to the entire organization and conducted an equity audit to get a better understanding of their gaps in DEI.

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