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Empower your team to develop their careers, grow as leaders, and create a culture of belonging

Perfeqta’s in-person and virtual training sessions are tailored to help your entire organization hold engaging conversations about building a safe and inclusive workplace while prioritizing their professional growth.  These learning experiences are customized so professional development is always a top priority.
A board meeting with a group of Black business women.
A company training meeting.

Engage employees with a new E.R.A. of training

We tailor our training for professionals of all levels, including Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and people leaders. Our engaging, relevant, and actionable training sessions are informed by your employee experiences, organizational talent and DEI goals, and people strategy.

Move from awareness
to action

Our engaging training sessions are rooted in creating and maintaining a safe space. We provide participants with the resources they need to share their challenges, listen to feedback, and talk through actionable solutions.

Training Topics

Latesha Byrd and Perfeqta team members in a meeting together.
Understanding DEI

Learn how diversity, equity, and inclusion lead to higher employee retention, better customer relationships, and stronger business advantage.

A man working on his laptop.
Authentic Allyship

We provide your entire organization with the tools and knowledge to strengthen employees’ sense of belonging, lead with integrity and empathy, and practice everyday intentional acts of allyship. 

Two female team members in a meeting together.
Anti-Bias & Inclusion

Understand how biases show up in decision-making, communicating with others, and leading teams. Learn about the dimensions of diversity and unconscious bias that stand in the way of fostering inclusive environments.

A team member working on his laptop in a meeting.
Inclusive Hiring & Interviewing

Train your talent acquisition teams and hiring managers on interviewing and recruiting best practices that follow your company’s DEI values and ensure the process is inclusive for all.

Two team members meeting together.
Career Planning & Mapping

Our 5-step framework guides employees on setting career goals that align with their work values and long-term career vision. We also prepare employees for performance reviews and career goal conversations with leadership.

Leveling Up In Your Career

Employees learn how to set strategic goals, ask thoughtful questions, and develop their leadership skills to advance in their careers. 

Latesha Byrd doing career coaching with a team member.
Structure, Scale, & Sustain a Best-In-Class ERG

Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders learn how to set strategic goals, strengthen relationships with company executives, and scale their ERG beyond current operations.

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We understand that employees at all levels have different career and organizational goals. Perfeqta is prepared to meet you where you are. If you don’t see a training that quite matches what you’re looking for, we can create one with you.

Perfeqta’s team of facilitators are ready to engage with your team

Perfeqta’s thought leaders continuously push the paradigm of what a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace can look like. Our CEO and Founder Latesha Byrd was recently named a LinkedIn Top Voice for Company Culture for our Perfeqta Future of Work Newsletter. We stay on top of DEI and Talent Development trends to better inform clients of which topics will be most meaningful to their internal and external audiences. 

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