DEI Roadmapping

Build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace with customized, data-driven strategies

Perfeqta helps your company prioritize, plan, and launch a DEI roadmap with ease. Through focus groups, surveys, and interviews, our DEI practitioners create a strategic roadmap that helps your leaders reach diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, and transform organizational processes and culture.

Gather informative
DEI data

Through surveys, focus groups, and interviews, we gather insights from employees at all levels about their experiences, how they feel about your company culture, and what they need to feel safe and valued in the workplace. We’ll then make sure your team is equipped to track DEI metrics and demographic data on a consistent basis.

Build a culture of belonging and retain your best talent

A company that nurtures an inclusive environment sees an increase in productivity, engagement, and talent retention. We help you implement a robust DEI learning and development program, schedule regular opportunities to collect employee feedback on inclusion, and ensure DEI is fully embedded into your employee engagement strategy.

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Solidify DEI as a key component of your employer brand

Most job seekers consider DEI practices a top priority when evaluating potential employers. Our team provides you with communication best practices to create inclusive internal and external messaging that represents the company’s DEI efforts, progress, and aspirations.

Create a governance framework so everyone knows their role

No matter what stage you're in, we’ll help you build your DEI team so your organization has an established DEI governance structure that embeds equity, inclusion, belonging, and intersectionality into the overall business strategy and executive decision-making.

Our DEI Roadmapping process is divided into three phases
  • Phase 1: Audit
    We aim to understand the current state of your DEI strategy and employee sentiments by reviewing existing documents and systems. We then identify the next steps your team can take to start filling the gaps in your DEI strategy.
  • Phase 2: Strategic Visioning & Development
    We develop a DEI Strategic Plan in partnership with your DEI Committee and DEI Executive Sponsor. Together, we set clear goals, outline a roadmap, and assign tasks to key owners who will oversee programming.
  • Phase 3: DEI Strategic Roadmap Implementation and Execution
    We deliver your DEI Strategic Roadmap to your leadership team for feedback. After approval, we work with you to implement and execute this roadmap to reduce exclusionary practices, implicit biases, and systemic inequalities.

The timeline of our full engagement is 9 to 24 months with the vision that this will be an ongoing partnership. We continue to create new strategies and deliverables that support your company leaders in feeling confident and knowledgeable putting DEI plans into action.

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Perfeqta is ready to be your long-term DEI partner

Based on best practices, research, and our client experiences, Perfeqta’s DEI Framework identifies your organization’s DEI strengths and weaknesses, and areas for improvement as you move through the following phases: Structuring DEI, Scaling DEI, and Sustaining DEI.

Put equity back into your talent with Perfeqta’s DEI Roadmap

Talk to our team to learn more about our DEI Framework and roadmapping services.

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