DEI Roadmapping

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DEI Strategic Consulting, Program Planning, and Culture Equity Audits

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Create a safe and equitable workplace

We establish a clear and effective diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy that identifies your organizations’ priorities, gaps, and opportunities for growth, while mapping out action steps.

You don’t need a big team to make DEI a priority

High-growth companies are challenged with pulling together enough resources and people to create a workplace strategy around diversity, equity, and inclusion. But we know how small companies can make a big impact.

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DEI Strategic Consulting 

We work together to determine equitable work practices that reduce exclusionary practices, implicit biases, and systemic inequalities so your company leaders feel confident and knowledgeable putting DEI plans in action.

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Program Planning 

Assure your employees, clients, and customers that diversity and inclusion is more than a buzzword, slogan, or statement. We help you set clear DEI goals, outline a DEI roadmap, and assign tasks to key owners who will oversee programming.

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Culture Equity Audit

Our team will deploy a culture engagement survey to your entire organization to better understand your employees’ workplace experiences. We’ll then identify the steps your team can take to fill the gaps in your DEI strategy and provide your employees with a sense of belonging.

Here’s what you get when you create a DEI roadmap
  • A clear DEI mission and vision statement
  • Team members have clear priorities to carry out inclusivity
  • Leaders can implement DEI and recruitment strategies immediately 
  • A streamlined recruitment strategy to find a DEI Executive Sponsor
  • Diverse and highly-skilled employee demographics
  • Employees are able to identify and reduce exclusionary practices, implicit bias, and systemic inequities

DEI Roadmapping projects take 9-24 months on average.

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Why Perfeqta?

“They did all the heavy lifting but made sure to add in checkpoints so that I was comfortable and looped in on the entire process. Most importantly, when it was time to roll out the framework to the greater team, they were personable and made the training feel more like a discussion amongst equals. Every deliverable presented by their team has been uniquely crafted for us.”

Han Dang, Chief of Staff at Thimble

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Talent Acquisition Optimization & DEI Roadmapping


We deployed a culture engagement survey to the entire organization and conducted an equity audit to get a better understanding of their gaps in DEI.

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