Employer Branding and DEI Content

Develop inclusive communication strategies that align with your employer brand

Perfeqta works with you to create a strategic communications plan that ensures DEI is a key component of your employer brand. That way, your team feels confident sharing your DEI initiatives, educating team members on how to build an inclusive workplace, and talking to your employees in a time of crisis.
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Create culturally-diverse content

We design an organized framework that can be used when creating and sharing content around cultural observances, diversity holidays, and other DEI topics.

Respond to a crisis with confidence

Address external crises that impact your diversity, equity, and inclusion mission in a manner that aligns with your company’s values. Use our Crisis Communications Framework to make sure your team is ready to respond to any external crisis.

Make DEI a key component of your employer brand

Redefine who you are as a company from an equity lens and show your employees, clients, and customers that DEI is more than a buzzword, slogan, or statement. 

Build company-wide resources to educate and empower

Our team will create multimedia content that can be packaged into a DEI resource center for your employees to access anytime to learn more about being an ally, creating a safe workplace, using inclusive language, and other DEI topics. 

Perfeqta provides DEI resources that help you feel informed and confident creating DEI content — no matter your experience

Our team of professionals have years of experience working in communications, marketing, and DEI content development. We have created custom DEI and Crisis Communications Plans to help clients move from ideation to execution seamlessly.

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Here's what our clients are saying

“As an ERG lead, it was vital to partner with a BIPOC-led company that could relate but also present content in a tangible, engaging manner.”

Rod Hawkins
ERG Lead

Build an effective communications plan that highlights your employer brand 

Learn more about how Perfeqta’s team can help you strategize and create compelling content. 

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