Talent Acquisition Optimization

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Recruiting Audits, Competency Framework Development, and Diversity Internship Program Development

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Hire the best of the best

We work with you on making your hiring process more inclusive and removing bias to ensure hiring managers are equipped to hire for value.

Grow your team and eliminate stress at the same time 

If you don’t have a streamlined process for funneling candidates, you’ll continue to hire employees based on familiarity instead of value – resulting in long-term underperformance. We provide structure and a peace of mind.

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Inclusive recruiting audit

Let’s take a closer look at your recruitment strategy through a series of surveys and interviews. We’ll then show you how you can make the process more inclusive and effective.

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Competency model

We’ll help you define performance success at your organization and detail the specific skills and behavioral characteristics that your ideal candidate should possess.

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Framework development

You’ll have a dynamic recruitment framework that outlines how to attract, vet, screen, interview, hire, and onboard the most talented candidates.

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Diversity internship program development

Work with us to create job descriptions, interview questions, onboarding processes, and project outlines that make interns feel valued and productive.

Talent Acquisition projects take 3-6 months on average.

Why Perfeqta?

“I worked with their team on building a Diversity Internship Program for our company. It was a great way to support minorities in getting work experience combined with mentorship so they could find their dream jobs out in the world. The experience of building this together was really seamless and efficient.”

Freya, Head of People Operations at MeetEdgar

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Talent Acquisition Optimization & DEI Roadmapping


We deployed a culture engagement survey to the entire organization and conducted an equity audit to get a better understanding of their gaps in DEI.

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