Talent Acquisition

Attract and recruit the best talent with an inclusive hiring process

Perfeqta’s scalable framework helps you identify and reduce exclusionary practices, implicit biases, and systemic inequalities in the hiring process so you can recruit amazing, diverse talent.

Attract top-performing talent from diverse communities

Diverse teams are 70 percent more likely to capture new markets. Our competency model highlights diversity, equity, and inclusion as a key component of your employer brand to help you attract top talent from historically underrepresented communities.

Reduce unconscious bias in your hiring process

We gather data through surveys and interviews to uncover unconscious bias in your hiring practices. Our practitioners then provide feedback to your hiring teams on how to write inclusive job descriptions, conduct fair interviews, use standardized scorecards, and other strategies to create an equitable recruitment process.

Create a standardized and scalable recruiting process for all

Save time and energy with a scalable recruiting framework and clearly defined roles and responsibilities of your recruitment team so you can hire talent with ease and efficiency.

Attract high-performing talent with an organized framework that streamlines the hiring process for you

The Talent Acquisition Optimization process has five phases that take 3 to 6 months to fully implement.

  • Phase 1: Audit
    We discover key findings related to DEI using surveys and interviews to better understand the current recruiting experience and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Phase 2: Strategic Visioning and Development
    Based on our key findings, we develop an inclusive recruiting roadmap for your company that outlines goals, key priorities, and action items.
  • Phase 3: Talent Acquisition Framework Presented
    We deliver and present our strategic talent acquisition roadmap to your Talent, DEI, and leadership teams for feedback.
  • Phase 4: Strategic Plan Execution
    We help you execute your strategic talent acquisition roadmap and conduct training sessions for your recruiting teams and hiring managers on how to use the recruiting framework.
  • Phase 5: Implementation
    We support your team through regular status updates and monthly progress reports to leadership, while advising on additional DEI goals and next steps.
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Perfeqta understands your recruitment challenges

Our recruiting consultants have years of experience working in various talent acquisition roles and have built recruiting functions from the ground up. They’ve held former titles such as Head of People, Head of Talent, and Diversity Recruiting Lead.

Here's what our clients are saying

“I worked with their team on building a Diversity Internship Program for our company. It was a great way to support minorities in getting work experience combined with mentorship so they could find their dream jobs out in the world. The experience of building this together was really seamless and efficient.”

Head of People Operations

“[Perfeqta] was instrumental with designing the right-size program to fit our goals and team, and with creating a launch plan to bring it into reality. They also developed a thoughtful follow-up plan to ensure the program would meet our needs long-term, and that our team was well equipped to successfully support and develop incoming talent.”

Sarah Park

Recruit and retain your best talent with standardized and inclusive processes

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