Diversity Internship Program Development


Our team created a DEI recruitment strategy that encompassed the messaging, job descriptions, communications plan, interview prep, and onboarding framework.
The Problem

Lack of structure around hiring practices and no DEI strategy

MeetEdgar is a social media publishing platform that allows users to schedule content, monitor engagement, and track analytics. Over time, their team realized they lacked a streamlined hiring process and candidates were predominantly word-of-mouth referrals. They needed to revamp their recruitment strategy and make DEI a priority.

The Solution

A talent acquisition plan and diversity internship program

Our team created a DEI recruitment strategy that encompassed the messaging, job descriptions, communications plan, interview prep, and an onboarding framework. We also made sure their team had a plan in place to regularly assess progress to keep the workplace inclusive. 


  • Created a diversity internship program
  • Developed a recruitment program framework
  • Developed a detailed onboarding process
  • Collected data to assess, evaluate, measure, and track candidates’ experiences 
  • Created a framework for a recurring recruitment audit 
  • Established KPIs and performance review guidelines to track and measure employee success
The Result

Less stress and a more diverse pool of candidates

With a streamlined recruitment process, MeetEdgar’s team was able to attract, interview, and onboard highly-skilled candidates that were a good fit for the company. Employee performance improved, and managers felt more at ease leading the new diversity programs. 


  • A more diverse employee demographic
  • No more exclusionary hiring practices
  • Managers felt better equipped to run diversity internship program
  • Internship periods lengthened due to amazing performance 
  • Recruitment team felt more confident in candidates’ skillset
  • Company partnered with other organizations that provide diverse talent

“[Perfeqta] was instrumental with designing the right-size program to fit our goals and team, and with creating a launch plan to bring it into reality. They also developed a thoughtful follow-up plan to ensure the program would meet our needs long-term, and that our team was well equipped to successfully support and develop incoming talent.”

Sarah Park
President at MeetEdgar
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