Building an inclusive recruitment playbook with Reliance Standard Life Insurance
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Building an inclusive recruitment playbook with Reliance Standard Life Insurance

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (RSLI) has helped millions of US families protect, prepare, and grow with peace of mind. 

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company is a member of the Tokio Marine Group, which operates in the property and casualty insurance, reinsurance, and life insurance sectors globally.

The Problem

Looking for a more structured hiring plan 

RSLI’s talent acquisition team had a supportive and collaborative team culture, so everyone was aligned on shared goals. Their top priority was to create a recruiting process that improves time management and helps source high-quality candidates.

Through focus groups, one-on-one meetings, and surveys, we found that team members wanted to:

  • Keep better track of recruiting goals and metrics. 
  • Find candidates with the proper skills and experience to meet role expectations. 
  • Have better communication throughout the hiring process so everyone is aligned on the status of each candidate.
  • Learn how to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into recruiting by diversifying the candidate pool, educating hiring managers on how to communicate with diverse talent, establishing a diverse interview panel, and eliminating bias when using the hiring software. 
  • Infuse DEI into the employer brand and share more information with candidates on the company’s mission, vision, or DEI initiatives to attract historically underrepresented candidates. 
  • Increase diversity in the upper levels of the organization.
  • Automate recruitment outreach.
The Solution

A comprehensive recruiting playbook with detailed action steps

Perfeqta partnered with RSLI and its sister company, Matrix Absence Management (Matrix), to build the Recruiting Playbook – a formal talent acquisition framework that assures equitable change and long-term hiring success.

This playbook standardized the recruitment process to remove bias and ensure hiring managers are equipped to hire for value alignment over culture fit.

What’s included in the Recruiting Playbook

  • Recruitment goals and key metrics to track. 
  • Step-by-step recruitment timeline for high-volume roles, individual contributors, managers and supervisors, and leadership roles.
  • Inclusive job description guidelines. 
  • Inclusive interview question bank.
  • Templated new hire request form. 
  • Interview scorecard and scorecard writing best practices.
  • Hiring committee best practices.
  • Talent acquisition team enablement recommendations.
  • ATS/Workday integration recommendations.
  • Talent acquisition team optimization recommendations. 
The Result

A streamlined recruitment process rooted in equity

The Recruiting Playbook in practice allowed the talent acquisition team to move forward with clarity and structure.

Here are the key outcomes:

  • Developed a structured and scalable framework for the company as it rolled out a new talent acquisition process. This included auditing job descriptions, creating application questions, establishing a full-scale interview process, and gathering candidate feedback.
  • Created a company value-based recruitment strategy to remove bias, diversify the talent pool, and ensure hiring managers are equipped to hire for culture add versus culture fit.
  • Revitalized the talent acquisition process to ensure equity is embedded into the hiring process to reduce bias and remove exclusionary practices.

We are able to implement elements of The Recruiting Playbook in stages, for example, we were able to incorporate questions from the inclusive interview question bank into our existing interview guides immediately, while we worked with the business to finalize the recommended recruitment process. Our DE&I team also utilized the inclusive job descriptions section to partner with our HR Business Partner team to revise job descriptions for several of our most high volume roles. The playbook is a resource that we will continue to use as our inclusive recruiting strategy matures.

Thea Valero
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Reliance Matrix

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