Chelsey Caldwell

Chelsey Caldwell is a DEI and Talent Development Consultant who specializes in providing strategic planning and leadership development to design and enable sustainable new ways of working.

With experience managing numerous complex transformations at Fortune 500s across industries, Chelsey excels at building communities and integrating diverse perspectives, while delivering impactful solutions.

Her primary focus is collaborating with Perfeqta’s clients to develop holistic DEI strategies and initiatives that create a greater sense of belonging for employees and ensure equitable practices and messages are embedded across the business.

Her purpose is to embrace authenticity, lean into challenges, and tenaciously discover pathways through adversity so that we can create and live the future we envision for ourselves.

Chelsey holds a Masters in Management with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.  She is a certified Career Coach and DEI practitioner. In her free time, you can find Chelsey huddled under a blanket reading a book or at a museum near you. 

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