How a real estate company transformed its culture with a DEI strategic plan
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How a real estate company transformed its culture with a DEI strategic plan

Perfeqta’s client is a commercial real estate company with more than 500 employees working in 50 locations across the US and around the globe.
The Problem

Overcoming high-growth pains when building an inclusive culture

After raising $175MM, our client experienced high-growth at an extremely fast rate. Talent acquisition, retention, and DEI programming were the company’s top priorities, but they lacked clarity, structure, and employee feedback to make strategic decisions.

According to the company’s Chief of Staff and Head of People, here were their biggest challenges:

  • The company needed a clear DEI-centered mission statement to guide its actions and ensure alignment with its DEI goals.
  • The team lacked DEI thought leadership to make more informed decisions about implementing initiatives and programs for historically excluded communities.
  • Leaders didn’t understand the employee experience of historically excluded employees, leading to disconnects in engagement and retention efforts.
  • The recruiting team needed to establish and implement more inclusive hiring practices to attract and retain diverse talent and reduce bias in the hiring process.
The Solution

Transforming talent management with a full-scale DEI strategic plan

Perfeqta was brought in to embed DEI into the client’s talent management programs and processes. Our team provided training, coaching, advising, roadmapping, and thought partnership to evolve the company’s DEI Maturity.

We helped build and execute an end-to-end DEI plan, which included an inclusive recruitment strategy, employee resource group (ERG) launch plan, advising, training sessions, and career and executive coaching to more than one-third of employees.

Here’s a list of deliverables we provided during our engagement:

  • Assessment of the company’s current state of DEI
  • DEI & employee experience focus group analysis  
  • Company DEI mission statement
  • DEI strategic roadmap
  • DEI strategic plan implementation
  • DEI governance structure
  • DEI council and committee onboarding
  • Company-wide cohort-based allyship trainings
  • DEI communications and engagement strategy
  • Open door policy and microaggression policy considerations
  • Inclusive recruitment strategy
  • Performance management guidance for managers
  • ERG launch roadmap
  • ERG allyship guidelines
  • ERG leadership training  
  • ERG current state charter analysis and review
  • DEI and ERG communications templates
The Result

Perfeqta’s DEI governance drives cultural transformation

This client wasn’t ready to hire a full-time DEI team, so Perfeqta provided a DEI governance structure. This included the creation of a DEI Steering Council, a DEI Committee, and Employee Resource Groups.

Throughout the engagement, we advised each of these groups on strategic alignment, accountability, tracking progress, and making improvements.  

Here are the key results for our partnership:

Improved employee performance
Our engagement with the client resulted in more clarity, trust, and organization in the company’s DEI vision. Not only were employees more confident in the company’s DEI stance, but they were more confident in their future at the company. This nurtured a sense of belonging in employees from executive leaders.  

Built equitable policies and systems
Perfeqta helped the client move toward its ideal DEI state by identifying and addressing systemic barriers in the organization. This resulted in a more inclusive recruitment plan, clear workplace policies that minimized discriminatory behaviors, and a refined open-door communication policy for receiving employee feedback.

Helped recruit, retain, and advance top talent
We embedded DEI into the client’s talent processes, such as recruitment, onboarding, and employee experience initiatives. This resulted in a more diverse candidate pool, higher employee retention, and greater employee engagement.

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