How Phreesia built an ERG that champions equity and inclusion
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How Phreesia built an ERG that champions equity and inclusion

Phreesia is a software company that provides automated tools for patient intake, access, payments, and more. Phreesia strives to provide a diverse and inclusive culture where all team members can bring their authentic selves to work, feel supported, and perform their best.

Phreesia currently has six Employee Resource Groups: Phreesia Women’s Network, Black @ Phreesia, LatinX, LGBTQ+ Phreesia, PHR-Asian, and MENA. Phreesia’s ERGs support the organization’s commitment to promoting and maintaining an inclusive culture for all employees by bringing together individuals from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

The Problem

ERG leaders need more support to reach goals

ERGs at Phreesia are run by employees volunteering their time to create safe communities. Employees can voluntarily join an ERG to network, exchange ideas, and enhance their professional development.

Based on pre-learner surveys conducted by Perfeqta, ERG leaders and members wanted more HR and leadership support and involvement. That includes company leaders attending ERG events, supporting the groups' initiatives, and encouraging employees to join, participate, and support ERGs. ERG leaders felt more time, energy, and resources could be invested in these communities to champion diversity and inclusion.

The Solution

Perfeqta helps leaders identify how their ERGs can champion equity and inclusion

Perfeqta facilitated a company training for Phreesia's ERG leaders and members. “Structure, Scale, and Sustain: How to build an ERG that Champions Equity and Inclusion” covered how to:

  • Set strategic goals and operational planning aligned with business objectives.
  • Strengthen relationships between ERG leadership, Executive Sponsors, company leadership, and the community.
  • Drive growth in visibility, alignment, and shared vision between members and stakeholders. 
  • Scale an ERG beyond current operations and succession plan for the future. 

In addition, the workshop shared strategies for building relationships with various stakeholders in the company. ERG leaders gained knowledge on actionable steps to ask for leadership support to grow the ERG’s mission and vision in alignment with the company’s mission and vision.

The Result

Eye-opening conversations bridge gaps in ERG strategies

Perfeqta’s training laid out a governance structure for ERG leaders and members to incorporate into their work. Participants also found it helpful to hear about the experiences and work of other ERGs at the company.

Perfeqta’s CEO Latesha Byrd and Phreesia’s ERG leaders talked through actionable solutions during a Q&A session. The training, sharing of experiences, and open discussion helped Phreesia's ERG leaders and members begin mapping out a framework and strategy that works for their ERG’s mission.

“The team was so impressed with the sessions, your delivery, and the outcomes we took away. This training felt like the start of something I could barely dream of when these ERGs first formed. Looking back at those early days of PWN and Black@Phreesia, I am beyond proud of where we are today.”

Monique Elliot
Associate Director of HR Operations

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