The Problem

A fast-growing team with lack of recruitment structure

Thimble has provided on-demand insurance options for 30,000 small businesses spanning 100 professions. During our engagement, their team grew quickly. Hiring talent was a top priority, but company leaders realized they needed a DEI talent acquisition plan to streamline the recruitment process.

The Solution

DEI roadmapping and talent acquisition strategies

We deployed a culture engagement survey to the entire organization and conducted an equity audit to get a better understanding of their gaps in DEI. We then created a framework and facilitated sessions for their leadership team.

Talent Acquisition Deliverables

  • Inclusive recruiting company wide training
  • Step-by-step hiring process guide with designated owners and descriptions
  • Internal interview process & framework split by individual contributor, manager, and executive hiring 
  • Interview rubrics for hiring managers 
  • Scorecard development for interviewing team 
  • Interview question bank 
  • Interview team meeting agenda template

DEI Roadmapping Deliverables:

  • Reporting and analysis of employee sentiment from focus groups with employees to ensure focus on right priorities
  • Clear DEI goals 
  • 2-5 year strategic DEI roadmap 
  • Communication strategic plan to company on DEI updates
  • Design thinking sessions for DEI committee for strategic development
The Result

A fully-aligned team with diverse and highly-skilled talent

Thimble put its new DEI framework and talent acquisition strategy into action. Their team was able to recruit more diverse talent and carry out DEI initiatives that reflected their new mission and vision.

DEI Roadmapping Outcomes:
  • Key owners in team with clear priorities/objectives identified to carry out inclusivity
  • Leaders began implementing DEI and recruitment strategies immediately 
  • Their team appointed a DEI Executive Sponsor to carry out the DEI plan
  • Employee demographics are diverse and highly-skilled
  • Established organizational DEI mission and vision
  • Employees are able to identify and reduce exclusionary practices, implicit bias, and systemic inequities

An efficient and effective hiring process is a step by step process for hiring a new employee, starting with an organization identifying talent needs, recruiting from a talent pool and ending with hiring the most qualified candidates. The below includes the most important steps in the hiring process from start to finish.

Talent Acquisition Outcomes:
  • Creation of company value-based recruitment strategies on making the hiring process more inclusive to remove bias and ensure hiring managers are equipped to hire for value alignment over culture fit
  • Hiring processes have been restructured to create a standardized process for all parties involved (candidates, hiring managers, recruitment lead, etc.)
  • Inclusion objectives are prioritized to achieve fair and equitable outcomes in the talent acquisition process
  • Employees are engaged in equitable work practices and are committed to the company’s DEI goals
  • Employees are able to identify and reduce exclusionary practices, implicit bias and systemic inequities

“They did all the heavy lifting but made sure to add in checkpoints so that I was comfortable and looped in on the entire process. Most importantly, when it was time to roll out the framework to the greater team, they were personable and made the training feel more like a discussion amongst equals. Every deliverable presented by their team has been uniquely crafted for us.”

Han Dang
Chief of Staff at Thimble

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