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Allyship in Action: Executive Sponsors’ Role in ERG Success

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Learn how Executive Sponsors can be effective allies, support ERG leaders’ professional development, and help guide high-performing ERGs.

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Executive Sponsors have the power to create a psychologically safe workplace, help increase program participation, and create alignment between the ERG and the company.

During this hour-long webinar, we cover how Executive Sponsors can:
  • Go beyond allyship and be effective advocates
  • Build alignment between ERG leaders and company leaders
  • Help increase program participation and ERG visibility within the organization
  • Support ERG leaders’ professional development
  • Facilitate difficult conversations within the ERG after tragic events or crises
This webinar is great for current and future Executive Sponsors, and other company leaders who want to maximize the impact of their organization’s ERGs. 
“As an ERG lead, it was vital to partner with a BIPOC led company that could relate but also present content in a tangible, engaging manner.”
- Rod Hawkins, ERG Lead at Airtable

Meet Your Instructor

Latesha Byrd, CEO of Perfeqta

Latesha is a Career & Talent Development Consultant, Speaker, and Adjunct Professor specializing in Leadership Development, Career Empowerment, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Perfeqta has worked with over 80 companies to help them recruit, retain, and advance diverse talent through creating equitable, inclusive, and safe spaces that leverage the strength of all its employees. 

Perfeqta’s ERG strategies have also helped companies increase member engagement, receive leadership buy-in, and provide members with professional development opportunities and a sense of belonging in the workplace.

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This resource guide will provide ERG leaders with a strategic approach to building an ERG that empowers talent and champions equity and inclusion.

About Perfeqta

Perfeqta is a Talent Development Agency that helps companies build high-performing teams and put equity back in talent. We work with high-growth startups looking to enhance their company culture to better recruit, retain, and advance talent.

Three Black business women having a meeting and smiling.